Dream, plan, act!


Would you like to make a Voyage through the Norwegian fjords or rather set foot on the Antarctic ice? Always dreamed to sail along the coastline of the Ancient World or through the Asian archipelago? Do you like to cruise on the world’s greatest rivers or are you just looking for some relaxation during an ocean voyage? It’s all to be found with Yacht Cruise Company, your cruise agency for sophisticated cruises on small vessels. The extraordinary, the adventure and the exclusivity is all part of our philosophy.


We offer yacht & expedition cruises, sailing cruises and river cruises for enthusiastic travelers.

Our focus is on exploring the world on board various sorts of tailor-made yachts with comfortable accommodations up to 6-star exclusivity, where all amenities of a luxury hotel can be found. We work with selected cruise partners who constantly strive to look for new itineraries of great interest and beauty. With their limited seized ships they always discover unique and exciting spots.  They take you on a breathtaking adventure to dream destinations where nature is flourishing and various flora and fauna can be found. In most cases you can enjoy excursions on land and even alternate sports on water are offered. Our varied portfolio is too large to mention, so some exploration is needed by our visitors. A selection of our cruises does often have special themes, so for travelers with a specific interest several matches can be made. Therefore we have placed a year-round worldwide selection.

Herewith we mention just a small part of a total of approximately 2500 cruises we can offer you.

Take a look at the coming months, but we like to inform you more future cruises are to be found just by ‘destination’ searching!  

Feel free to contact us when you need some help in finding the right cruise that matches your dreams..!

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