Yacht Cruise Company is a cruise agency specialized in small ship cruising. We are no regular cruise agency; we focus away from the mass cruise market.

This niche cruise market represents several features which make it so typical and specific. At first searching for a cruise with us confronts you with our vast amount of different sorts of cruises. We have made a wide spread range of possibilities, so for everybody with a certain interest, a great cruise is to be found. There is one thing not to be found with us; mass migration of fellow travellers. We think great, but act small.

All our cruises are done with relative small ships, this makes it possible to navigate close to spots and ports which are not reachable for large cruise mega-liners. We strive for a certain luxury level aboard, so your cruise base is a like a large house filled with some sophisticated elegance and serenity, while outside the world is awaiting you with her far reaching natural beauty, wildlife and interesting cultures. Small ship cruises offer another cruise experience towards the people who board their voyages. It serves you with a personal touch, a feeling of freedom, an incomparable experience in an area and setting which can be close to home or in a faraway region. All our cruises have an outstanding crew aboard, professionals with great nautical experience and love for nature and our planet. Most of our cruises are accompanied by lecturers, biologists, expedition leaders and so on. Join us at our cruises and experience your trip as a once-in-a-lifetime experience aboard your private yacht.

Yacht Cruise Company is cooperating with various partners around the world. We focus especially on captivating nature and culture cruises. But we do offer more; we work with you on reaching out for that special experience you are looking for. Our speciality is personal service, we stay in contact as you prepare for your cruise, advice you when needed what to look for and think off considering your destination. As we all more and more like to see the outback’s of the world from a save setting, everybody has a certain degree of adventurer in their character. Let’s keep it that way, but it’s our job to fulfil to most basic parts of cruising, so therefor we can complete your booking by arranging your trip from door-to-door. This means we can also arrange your airline tickets and possible hotel accommodations. Hereby we would like to mention that in most cases a pre-cruise or post-cruise overnight stay is favourable in conjunction with your arrival or departure flight.

Our team is accelerating in their knowledge about great adventure cruises. We will serve you with personal assistance and are willing to help with finding the right cruise for you and your possible fellow traveller. Our partners provide us daily with the latest news, special features, discounts and adventurous new itineraries in combination with the most interesting theme cruises. This is not only inspiring for us, but most definitely for you! Therefore we invite you to subscribe for our newsletter, so we can inform you on the latest news facts serving you in making your dreams come true!

The office of Yacht Cruise Company is situated next to the yacht harbour of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. On the river in front of our office, lots of cruise vessels, sailing yachts and river cruise ships can be seen. This energetic view is inspiring us daily. We try to fulfil our mission considering being original, adventurous, interesting and high level at the same time.

George Dekker

General Manager