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Heritage Line began their story in South East Asia, and indeed, Indochina. Heritage Line operates in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar, where you can visit the most intriguing itineraries. Enter a world where so much history, tradition and culture live, breathe and prosper.

With a fleet of collector designed ships that re-create the feeling of a by-gone era. Authenticity, tradition, luxury and passion are at the core of what Heritage Line creates for unforgettable and refined cruising. The food, scenery, architecture and culture of this region inspire at every turn, and looks back at you through the smiles of its people.

Cruise the Mekong River with its peaceful beauty, the Mekong Delta is a place to inspire, with her rich history and lore. Vietnam has a definitive Buddhist influence as well as Cambodia and you can feel the history, respect and teachings of the past. Cambodia’s rich cultural history, glorious civilization and turbulent modern times are but some of the reasons that draw curious travellers to this land. Through it all, the one constant, is the Khmer people – ever calm, polite and warm.

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While exploring Myanmar, many things are subject to the astonishment of the unfamiliar visitors of this exotic country. Myanmar can be described as a picture-postcard land of elaborate pagodas and the Romanticism of the Colonial period.

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Explore the essence of Asia’s history, culture, natural beauty and most importantly her people.

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