Sailing holidays on classic yachts:

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Experience the Freedom of the Sea

The life on board of a sailing yacht follows its own rules. Amidst the expanse and the constantly changing scenery of the sea, along idyllic coastlines, which unfold their special magic from the water, a special sailing holiday awaits you. Far away from everyday life…

Sailing yacht cruises are our ‘regular’ sailing cruises – which are a unique blend of real sailing, about four to six hours daily, stops for swimming, water sports, time to go to the beach, explore towns, for jungle treks, local cuisine, a cave tour by dinghy, snorkelling, an island tour…


offers authentic, individual sailing cruises on classic-style built superyachts.

During our sailing trips, unlike regular cruises, we spontaneously turn on to wind and weather and do not follow a rigidly pre-planned route. Often we do not know at noon, in which bay we will anchor in the evening. So we sail in the fine wind under the magnificent, starry sky into the night. If the wind is not favourable, we stay in a bay for swimming and snorkelling. At night we usually lie quietly at anchor. In the morning, you can swim directly from the sailing ship. If possible, we will dock once per sailing trip in picturesque little towns on the quay. Our crew will also bring you ashore by dinghy. The often spontaneously organized excursions ashore are possible several times a week as well as water sports around the boat (swimming, snorkelling, water skiing and so on).

The loving service of our crew, the comfortable, air-conditioned cabins with private bathroom and last but not least, the delicious food provide for a holiday, enjoyment and relaxation starting on the first day.

Pure sailing holidays. Much more than sailing…


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